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Tracy’s Tiger

23 maart 2018

Tracy’s Tiger is een novelle uit 1951 geschreven door de Armeens-Amerikaanse schrijver William Saroyan (1908-1981)

Thomas Tracy had a tiger. It was actually a black panther, but that’s no matter, because he thought of it as a tiger. When he was three and went by the sound of things somebody said tiger! Whatever a tiger! was, Tracy wanted his own. One day he was walking in town with his father when he saw something in the window of a fish restaurant.
Buy me that tiger, he said. That’s a lobster, his father said.
I don’t want it, then, Tracy said.

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  • Reply Joep 23 maart 2018 at 15:52

    Ha Jur, intrigerend! Is dit het hele verhaal? Goed verhaal, daar niet van, goed einde ook. Ik ben nooit aangestoken door jouw Saroyan-manie, hoewel ik toch regelmatig bij je in de buurt ben geweest, en dat heeft meer met onwetendheid of tijdgebrek of luiheid te maken dan, vermoed ik, met kwaliteit. Je kunt je voorstellen dat je me met deze absurd-realistische metamorfose meteen te pakken hebt. Saroyan!

    • Reply Jur 23 maart 2018 at 22:18

      One day, however, Tracy was at the zoo alone, fifteen years of age, smoking a cigarette and leering at girls, when all of a sudden he came face to face with his tiger.

      It was a sleeping black panther that instantly awoke, raised its head, stared straight at Tracy, got to its feet, hummed the way black panthers do, saying something that sounded like Eyeej, walked to the edge of the cage, stood for a moment looking at Tracy, then wandered back to the platform on which it had been sleeping. There it plopped down again and began to stare far out into space, as many miles and years out into space as there are miles and years in space.

      Tracy in turn stood staring at the black panther. He stared five minutes, chucked away his cigarette, cleared his throat, spat, and walked out of the zoo. “That’s my tiger,” he said.

      He never went back to the zoo to have another look at his tiger because he didn’t need to. He’d got it. He’d got it whole in the five minutes he’d watched it staring into infinity with a tiger’s terrible resignation and pride.

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